[gnome-db]autoconf question for making libgda (gob_check)

Hi, all:

I am building the libgda module, and when I run autogen.sh, I get this

./configure: line 2681: syntax error near unexpected token
./configure: line 2681: `GOB_CHECK(1.0.5)'

line 2681 in configure is this:


I have gob 1.0.7:
    > gob --version
    Gob version 1.0.7

GOB_CHECK is an autoconf m4 macro for gob that is defined here (on my system


I guess I can just comment the GOB_CHECK out, but that just ain't right.

So, what would I have to do to get that gob.m4 included?  Am I missing an
environment variable or something?

Roger Pilkey

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