Re: [gnome-db]gda-mysql-server

> that's perfect. Would you like to be added as maintainer for the MySQL
> provider in bugzilla. If you want, we can set up a account
> for you so that you get automatically admin privileges in bugzilla when
> you create your account.

Yes, that would be great (it's a lot of responsibility though! ;)
The acount is very welcome aswell, and if possible I'd like to
have mail forwarded to "cleberjr secrel com br".

> for example the open_schema method. It just returns a subset of all the
> required schemas
First thing I am gonna do is to fill bug reports for the bugs I actually
have found, so that everybody can see what's going on maybe help
us out. I think this should be exploited a lot more by Gnome-DB
as a whole, it serves a way of invinting people to help and we
need every bit of it.

> yes, we talked some time ago about this, and the only thing that was
> raised was to simulate transactions by using MySQL locks. The other
> possibility would be to just return a NOT_SUPPORTED error when using
> those methods.
I must say I'm not happy with that, but the solution I proposed earlier on doesn't sound
allright to me aswell. So, I guess I'll look into simulating transactions.

Gotta go. I have just given myself a lot of homework.


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