[gnome-db]personal databases with gnome-db


It's being discussed in gnome-office-list (please subscribe if you're
interested in integrating gnome-db with the rest of the GO apps, go to
http://mail.gnome.org) what the components of GO should be.

It seems that GNOME-DB is the only candidate for database stuff, so we
should take special attention to this, since this would be a major use
of GNOME-DB. One thing that's been said is that GNOME-DB should provide
the personal database stuff to GO. By personal, I suppose it's meant
"oriented to simple users".

So, although by no means do I want to lower libgda/gnome-db power to
support "simple users", I think we must do something on this issue, and
the best thing that comes to my mind is to have ALWAYS a default gda
provider installed with the rest of GNOME-DB, so that "simple users"
don't have to worry about setting up a database server, etc.

This default provider should be using something that is available in any
Linux system, so I've thought about XML or Berkeley DB.

Thoughts? ideas?


Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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