Re: Antw: reports (clarification)

> I don't agree. IMO it ** IS ** the DTD that defines the XML report format

Yes, but a complete DTD is not necessary to begin.  Its like the chicken
or the egg debate.  There is no RIGHT answer.  DTD's arent bad, but in
quick paced development sometimes its best to not fully define things and
get a proof of concept working.  Then come back an do a full dtd.
> > - then, clients will ask the report engine for this XML output, or for a
> > given format, such as PDF, PS, HTML, etc This conversion, as Derek
> > suggested, could be made though a customized jade
> What about another output format LyX?

Using something like jade I believe lyx etc are all already there.  

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise
derek gnue org

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