Antw: reports (clarification)

>>> Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo linuxave net> 20.09.2000  23.52 Uhr >>>
> ...
> * and, I thought we had agreed the other day about the general report
> structure, so here is what I understood, please correct me if it's a
> mistake:
> - no one is working on the DTD, this has been abandoned (for the moment,
> since it's not a bad idea to have a DTD AS SOON AS the XML report format
> is finished, but not before of course).

I don't agree. IMO it ** IS ** the DTD that defines the XML report format

> - there will be a XML format to describe a report, that is, not the
> output, but the structure. This format, I guess, could be the one
> produced in the current gda-report.dtd file, since I think it's been
> discussed deeply, although I confess I haven't participated too much on
> that thread, so maybe a new revision by everybody can be made.

IMO that's excatly the purpose the gda-report.dtd was made for.

> - this XML format will be processed by the report engine (not the
> client), which will get the data either from GDA (default one) or from
> another source (by means of plugins maybe) to produce a XML output
> format, where the data is actually formatted in another special XML
> format. As we said, gda-report will be made libgda-independent, so that
> anybody could add a different way of accessing its data by just writing
> a plugin. This will be the case for GNUe, isn't it?

The output format shuold be defined by a very similar DTD.

> - then, clients will ask the report engine for this XML output, or for a
> given format, such as PDF, PS, HTML, etc This conversion, as Derek
> suggested, could be made though a customized jade

What about another output format LyX?


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