Re: Antw: reports (clarification)

> >>> Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo linuxave net> 20.09.2000  23.52 Uhr >>>
> > ...
> > * and, I thought we had agreed the other day about the general report
> > structure, so here is what I understood, please correct me if it's a
> > mistake:
> > - no one is working on the DTD, this has been abandoned (for the moment,
> > since it's not a bad idea to have a DTD AS SOON AS the XML report format
> > is finished, but not before of course).
> I don't agree. IMO it ** IS ** the DTD that defines the XML report format
yes, I also think so, but what I'm saying is that it's better to first
define a working XML format (based on the DTD you've got of course), and
once we're all happy with it, we'll start using the DTD for its
validation. But doing the DTD before, as we've done until now, where not
a single line of code has been written.

So what I mean is that the DTD will be used, but that we should start to
code once for all, so I suggested Carlos to make a sample XML report
file on which to base the conversion routines, etc of the new report

> > - there will be a XML format to describe a report, that is, not the
> > output, but the structure. This format, I guess, could be the one
> > produced in the current gda-report.dtd file, since I think it's been
> > discussed deeply, although I confess I haven't participated too much on
> > that thread, so maybe a new revision by everybody can be made.
> IMO that's excatly the purpose the gda-report.dtd was made for.
yes, as I said, the XML report file will be based on this, you've
discussed it deeply so I assume it is ok.

> > - this XML format will be processed by the report engine (not the
> > client), which will get the data either from GDA (default one) or from
> > another source (by means of plugins maybe) to produce a XML output
> > format, where the data is actually formatted in another special XML
> > format. As we said, gda-report will be made libgda-independent, so that
> > anybody could add a different way of accessing its data by just writing
> > a plugin. This will be the case for GNUe, isn't it?
> The output format shuold be defined by a very similar DTD.
why not use the same DTD, but with a, for example, <DATA> section filled
in with the data? It's just an idea, but I think it makes sense, for not
having several DTDs around, but only one.
> > - then, clients will ask the report engine for this XML output, or for a
> > given format, such as PDF, PS, HTML, etc This conversion, as Derek
> > suggested, could be made though a customized jade
> What about another output format LyX?

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