RE: Antw: reports (clarification)

> I beg to differ here...  I think the output from the report server should
> retain the orgainzational tree structure from the template, mainly because
> what if I want to take that report and manipulate it a few different ways
> (e.g. strip out the header and footer for a particular report, but render it
> a different way in another format) this allows us to only have to populate
> the report one time with one template, and gives us a way to use XSLT or
> jade or something to alter the document in different ways while having a way
> to group the data.  I'm still not fully awake, so I don't know if this makes
> sense, so if you need further clarification as to what I am trying to say,
> please let me know!  :)  Thanks!

I agree 100%.  I see only DTD.  The XSLT vs. jade is a good debate too. :)

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise
derek gnue org

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