Re: report engine

> After looking at Derek's proposals about the report engine, I think this
> is the way to do it. The only thing I don't agree is in the
> implementation outside of GDA. This is because having it outside of GDA
> will make other applications using it add yet another dependency.

I think in a previous mail I addressed some of my issues with doing
inside libgda.

> What I suggest is to add a CORBA server to GDA (gda-report) which
> implements the server engine, and then have a libgda-report library to
> be used by clients. This lib would be a wrapper around the CORBA
> interfaces, as the current libgda does. In this way, the data-access
> part would stay independent of the report engine, thus not adding
> unneeded features to applications just wanting to use this part.

Ok you addressed some concerns in my other mail.  Guess next time I need
to read all my mail first. :)  

> Have you got any IDL already done about this?

Hahahaha.  I am lucky to get my mail read everyday. :)  Seriously.  No. 
If someone is up for it great. :)  I would like to get my proposal
cleaner as well.

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise
derek gnue org

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