Re: problems installing gnome-db from cvs (again...)

>>>>> On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 18:11:09 +0200,
>>>>> "alani" == alani <aschaefe hsr ch> wrote:

alani> well in fact I do have the same problem, but not just with gnome-db, with
alani> every project I check out from cvs. I think it may be a problem with aclocal
alani> as far as I know it is aclocal who copies those file into the intl directory
alani> when running

Did you look at the inside of (or macros/
you don't install gettext in your machine?
you execute "which gettextize", and is path output?
if it's output, isn't intl directory made when you executed
"gettextize --force --copy" with root directory of gnome-db?

It's made in my environment by executing it. I think that
your environment includes a problem as for it if not made
when you executed it with your environment.

look at the message of that time careful.


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