Re: problems installing gnome-db from cvs (again...)

> Ok, I give it.
> I've been trying to install a "recent" version of gnome-db (ie, after
> the rename of the module from gnome-db2 to gnome-db) with no luck.
> I'm installed GConf-0.8 (the rpms of eazel) and his devel companion, I
> have bonobo-0.18, and the usual stuff that comes with evolution.
yes, it should be ok, those are the same versions I'm using myself.

> The first problem is that the intl directory is almost empty.  I copied
> the files from the intl directory from another proyect (glade) and
> changes all the glade ocurrences by gnome-db (the same goes for libgda).
> After that, the usual ./autogen --prefix=/usr; make; make install
> All seems to work as usual... but when I execute gnomedb-fe, and I try
> to connect with a data source, I obtain:
the intl directory (in gnome-db) should be generated automatically. So I
don't know what may be happening here.

> Could not open CORBA factory
> in the error viewer dialog box.
> In the terminal, it yields:
> Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkwindow.c: line 794 (gdk_window_move): assertion
> `window != NULL' failed.
> gda-connection.c: 130: gda_connection_init called
> ** WARNING **: ERROR: OAF doesn't know about our IID; indicates broken
> installation. Exiting...
> gda-connection.c: 54: gda_connection_real_error called
> And now, the usual question:
> Any clues(tm)?
are you sure the .oafinfo files have been installed? I think there's
something with this, since this message you're getting (OAF doesn't
know....) is issued (in gda-server-impl.c) when
oaf_active_server_register returns OAF_REG_NOT_LISTED, which, if I'm not
wrong, means that OAF could not find the oafinfo file for this provider.

These files should be in /usr/share/oaf


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