Re: problems installing gnome-db from cvs (again...)

>>>>> On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 14:35:06 +0200,
>>>>> "JCA" == Joaquín Cuenca Abela <cuenca celium net> wrote:

JCA> The first problem is that the intl directory is almost empty.  I copied
JCA> the files from the intl directory from another proyect (glade) and
JCA> changes all the glade ocurrences by gnome-db (the same goes for libgda).
JCA> After that, the usual ./autogen --prefix=/usr; make; make install
JCA> All seems to work as usual... but when I execute gnomedb-fe, and I try
JCA> to connect with a data source, I obtain:
JCA> Any clues(tm)?

Did you install libgda? if yes, you must modify
$HOME/.gnome/gdalib apropos or you use gnomedb-fe and must
set again.


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