Re: gda-report and gnue

> The same could be said about libgda correct.  I mean we are talking N-Tier
> architectures but nothing prevents all tiers from living on the same
> server.  I also was basising this that your report was to be dependent on
> libgda.
> > I think that we could make two different kinds of report.
> I think there are ways to wrapper things so this would not be necessary.
> For example for our forms engine in GNUe our middleware has one set of
> functionality that can accessed a few way. (i.e. CORBA, direct C)
> > A report integrated into an application (you have a report file which is
> > processed by the application, well, by the application isn't correct, by
> > the gda-report).
> GDA-Report is what I am calling the report server. :)  So it sounds like
> you mean the same thing. :)  My diagram shows it as an "Enterprise"
> architecture, but as I said nothing prevents everything even the database
> from being local.
> > I think that the first option will be ideal to small applications and
> > the last one will be perfect to the medium-big applications (corporative
> > applications).
> I am not sure they have to be separate, but I could be missing something.
> :)  
> > P.S.: I think that your model will be perfect. It could include an
> > Apache plugin for show reports at internet  :-) (like modperl or modphp,
> > perhaps modgdareport?)
> I am not sure of teh model myself. :)  It could be seriously flawed, I
> just know the reporting tools we have used dont work well, and we are
> willing to try something new. :)
well, I've been using (against my will) a product called Prolifics
(, which tries to do the same thing, although not
CORBA, but a proprietary protocol. It is oriented to N-tier
having a server performing all the report stuff, which is then sent to
client. The only problem with this tool is that it does not work, but
the idea, same as yours, is very good.

So I think what you propose is great! And very suitable also for

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