Re: Antw: Re: gnome-db 0.2.0 RPMS

On 06 Dec 2000 09:20:37 +0100, Gerhard Dieringer wrote:
> >>> Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo ulises openresources com> 04.12.2000  19.17 Uhr >>>
> > > Also, Gerhard has made a really nice work with the XmlQuery library, and
> > > there should soon be a directory for it under the gda-common one so we
> > > can all test it.
> > >
> > great!
> Hi Rodrigo,
> as Vivien told you, my XmlQuery lib is now more or less usable. It implements
> the features:
> 1.) create an XmlQuery from XML (using libxml2)
> 2.) create an XmlQuery with individual simple library calls
> 3.) render an XmlQuery to SQL92
> 4.) render an XmlQuery to XML (using libxml2)

well, this is great! The only problem I see is the use of libxml2, which
won't be considered
a stable version until GNOME 2.0. So, would it be easy to make it
compile with both versions
of libxml (libxml 1.8 & libxml2)?

> Currently it only covers DML (select,insert,update,delete). The next step
> would be to extend it to DDL(create/drop/alter table/view/sequence, ....)
> If I remeber right, some months ago you announced to do something like this.
> To avoid duplicate work, I would like to ask you, if you have something done
> at it, or should I start with the current version of the XmlQuery DTD?
yes, the idea is to be able to make all sorts of commands through XML. What I 

talked about was about having a modifySchema IDL method, which will use
the current GDA_Connection_Constraints to be able
to send DDL commands. So, what I think we should do is to have the
Gda_XmlQuery object
call this modifySchema method after having parsed the XML command.

I suggest you have a look at the GDA_Connection_Constraint stuff
(openSchema() function) so that
we can start discussing how to extend it to fit all the DDL commands.

and please, commit your xmlquery stuff to CVS (have you got a CVS
This should go to the libgda/lib/gda-common/gda-xml-query* files.


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