Re: libgda - GNOME dependencies

On 07 Dec 2000 16:47:16 +0100, Mateu Batle wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just discovered libgda / gnome-db and I think
> it's very interesting and exactly what I was looking
> for :)
> But I think it's a bit hard to compile / install, since
> it requires too many dependencies. I'm only interested
> in the libgda part using shared libraries, not in the
> CORBA / GNOME stuff. Although I have GNOME installed,
> it does not have many of the libraries required, or
> if it has they are a bit older.
> Is there any way to compile only the the part of the libgda
> in which I'm interested ? If it's not possible, can someone
> provide some hints on how to do it and how easy it could be
> to do it ?
libgda's dependencies are:

* GLib >= 0.99
* GTK+ >= 1.2.x
* libxml >= 1.8.x
* OAF >= 0.5.x
* ORBit >= 0.5.x
* GConf >= 0.9

GLib, GTK+, libxml and ORBit are just included with any decent version
of GNOME (helix gnome should
work perfectly). OAF and GConf can be found at or at

And libgda is based on CORBA, so it's not possible to compile without
CORBA support, but you
can do so without any GNOME library (except for GTK+, a dependency which
is going to be
removed for GLib 2.0).

For GNOME-DB the thing is different because of Bonobo, which may cause
many problems due
to version mismatch, but if you use GNOME-DB >= 0.2.x, any Bonobo
version >= 0.28
should work. 

If you're having any problem compiling, please tell us what those
problems are so that we can
try to help you


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