Re: libgda - GNOME dependencies

I upgraded to the latest Helix-Gnome and don't recall any problems with
libgda. gnome-db itself requires some bleeding edge libraries (read -
libs that can change at any given moment depending on the developer's
desires), but all of it is still very much in feverish development so
it's all fairly bleeding edge...


Mateu Batle wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just discovered libgda / gnome-db and I think
> it's very interesting and exactly what I was looking
> for :)
> But I think it's a bit hard to compile / install, since
> it requires too many dependencies. I'm only interested
> in the libgda part using shared libraries, not in the
> CORBA / GNOME stuff. Although I have GNOME installed,
> it does not have many of the libraries required, or
> if it has they are a bit older.
> Is there any way to compile only the the part of the libgda
> in which I'm interested ? If it's not possible, can someone
> provide some hints on how to do it and how easy it could be
> to do it ?
> Thanks and best regards,
>         Mateu
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