[gnome-cy] Invitation To Treat: Translation Of Red Hat Fedora Core Configuration/Installer

(In English, I am not going to try and translate semi-legalese until
I've done a lot more Welsh).

Some people already know about this but so everyone does. Note that this
isn't an official Red Hat funded project.


To provide Welsh translations of the Red Hat install and configuration
tools for Fedora Core 2 (with the exception of specspo), to a reasonable
standard and consistent with the style of translation used by the Gnome
desktop and with the terminology it uses. The translations style and
terminology can be viewed through the Omnivore tool at
http://www.kyfieithu.co.uk. Termiadur should be used as the secondary
resource for technical terms.

The material being translated will not be precisely fixed at the point
translation commences. Quotes should also assume 10% of the material may
change. If more than 10% changes further translation beyond the 10% will
be negotiated seperately.

Translations shall be a work for hire. The translators will receive a
non-exclusive license to the translation to use, modify and sublicense
the work for hire material without restriction, at their own liability. 

	23rd January - base texts for translation
	23rd February - texts for translation frozen
	2nd  March - translation to be provided complete

The base texts for translation will be very close to those currently
available at http://carolina.mff.cuni.cz/~trmac/fedora-i18n.html. Quotes
offered before January 23rd based on this will be taken to be limited to
10% changes in translation strings from the day of quote submission.

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