Re: [gnome-cy] Disagreeing Translations (sa i'n swr dweud yn cymraeg 8))

On Maw, 2003-05-20 at 10:18, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> On Monday 19 May 2003 7:23 pm, Alan Cox wrote:
> > In the process I did find the following problem areas, and that it spat
> > out about 1000 translations for Evolution that seem ok (to me anyway 8))
> > leaving a mere 5500 to do.
> This is pretty good - are the techniques portable?

Some of the ideas are. Teaching the msgfmt tools the hacks for "try
matches without _ or & (except & by a space) and add/remove \n or
leading spaces" seem to work.

The full hack set I did I applied to nautilus as well and the end result
was a disaster - so I'd say not. Rules about matching "foo / bar"
against string "foo" and "bar" work in evolution but not nautilus for
example 8)

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