Re: [gnome-cy] Gnome\KDE Cymraeg web sites?

On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 12:10:59PM +0000 or thereabouts, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
> In an effort to develop an information strategy for Welsh language 
> software i'm looking to provide information for interested individuals 
> on the present developments. This could possibly be done via on-line 
> information, press-releases and posters at suitable locations...

> Do the members of the Gonme List/KDE Kyfieithu have an intention to 
> create websites to reflect their heroic endevours and to illiminate via 
> suitably worded prose and elegant layout and pictures their aspirations 
> and work so far...?

Well, for Gnome I think the list information (the URL in the last
line of the footer appended to messages on this list) points to 
Gareth's site: 

(Actually, it points to the old location, but it redirects and gets
to the right one. I will fix that when I have a minute.)

KDE and GNOME both have internationalisation (i18n -- count the letters!)
and localisation (l10n) sections on their websites with links to the 
various language teams. The GNOME one is not very snappy as addresses 
go, mind you. 

> I was thinking that I would like to create posters etc with reference 
> to www.gwelywiwr and www. meddal and not tread on the toes of our good 
> friends the Gnomes and KDEists.  How about a snappy web address like 
> www.gnomecymru or www.kdecymru to add to the list and for ease of access 
> via gwgl?
> Be da chi'n feddwl?

I would worry that we'd end up with a dozen sites all with not
too much information, but we could always have register such 
sites and have them pointing to Gareth's or Kevin's until they
acquire content of their own, or turn them into lists of links
for more information? People do remember snappier addresses
better, I think. 


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