[gnome-cy] MDK files on Omnivore

I have done an initial load of Rhoslyn Prys' Mandrake files onto Omnivore, 
bringing the total number of entries to 13,000.  Thanks, Rhos!

This does not include the biggest, DrakX (c 2,700 entries), because once I had 
it on there I realised that quite a few entries in it are huge slabs of 
Wizard text.  So what I've done is delete all the DrakX entries in Omnivore, 
and I'll have to go through the file and get rid of the monsters.  Then I'll 
upload the remainder.

There is also another niggle, in that the to-bach characters in these files 
are in UTF-8 format (I presume), so they end up looking weird.  Since you can 
guess what they should be, I think it's OK to leave them there for the time 
being, but it's not ideal.  I could do a search and replace, but I can't get 
at the relevant characters on my keyboard.

Any suggestions welcome, but this is obviously going to be an ongoing problem 
in cross-platform/cross-encoding/cross-application stuff.

Best wishes


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