Re: [gnome-cy] Kartouche, CVS, keyboards, etc.

Hi Dafydd

On Monday 17 March 2003 11:17 am, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> That should be fairly straightforward.

Go on - rub it in ... :-)

> Well, assuming PHP's regexes are similar enough to Perl's the string
> should be used if it matches /\S/ (i.e. it contains at least one
> non-whitespace character).

I'll experiment with that.

> Ah, perhaps the Specific Item thing should be described on the Usage
> page then. Now that I understand it, I might start using it.

OK - will-do.

> For the HoF page, I was envisioning something along the lines of
> Who	Suggestions	Suggestions Pending	Accepted Translations
> Bleddyn	103		32			65
> Owain	43		0			39

Ah, OK.  The first and third columns are actually equivalent at the minute, 
since basically all I'm doing is checking for expletives (I'm not saying you 
would ...) and spelling errors.  But the pending thing could be put in, I 

> Well, a graph would be very nice :). And actually might be very useful,
> if it shows Number of Strings and Number of Strings Translated over
> time, since, of course, the Number of Strings /will/ change and
> translation is ongoing in nature rather than a one-off event.

Yes, a graph would be lovely, once I figure out how to do that in PHP .... 
I'll maybe think about doing a table with the above in the meantime.

> I've just had a few mishaps with it in the past. Yes, I do use Perl, and
> yes, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about regular
> expressions as best as I can.

Mercy bucket.

> I don't understand the need to link Omnivore with Kartouche here. I was
> just envisioning a simple mechanism where searches would be logged to a
> file if they didn't return any result, and somebody could look in the
> log at lesiure to see what they can see. On the other hand, this may be
> a non-feature.

No, what I meant was that knowing what words are missing is only really of 
value if someone comes along later, goes through that list, and adds them.  
So to that extent you would need a word-entry frontend like Kartouche or 
similar (perhaps not as complicated).

> Right, what I do is that I start using Kartouche, and then as soon as I
> need an Omnivore window I open it in a new tab and switch back and forth
> as need dictates. This is very efficient as I can keyboard-naviagate
> back and forth very quickly.

OK, I'll remove "_blank".

> I definitely agree that "finished" files should be kept around for a
> while... in fact it may not be worth taking them out. At some point, our
> copies of the English string lists are going to become obsolete, at
> which point we will want to merge the translations we've got with the
> translations we haven't somehow. I suppose it's something along the
> lines of taking the new English file, inserting existing Welsh
> translations made against the old English file my matching msgids, then
> dumping the result in the database.

> It would be nice if Omnivore displayed its results in a two-column
> format.

Yes, that is doable - I'll have a look at it.

> And I've noticed that the encodings for the web pages aren't consistent.
> Omnivore appears to be UTF-8 whereas the rest of the website seems to be
> using Windows 1252. Strangely (since I use Mozilla on Debian) the latter
> seems to work better: letters with hetiau bychain break on the former,
> although they behave again if I tell Mozilla it's in ISO 8859-14 (Latin
> Celtic). I don't know why this happens or what should be done about it,
> I only thought you should know.

This is perhaps something to do with the files they were imported from - 
Rhoslyn's OOo file may have been UTF-8 format.  Thanks for telling me - I 
have no idea what to do about it in the short-term, though.

> Well, even if you don't actually do any translating of KDE yourself, I
> think you can be proud of how much you helped others' translation work.

One hopes ...

Best wishes


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