Re: [gnome-cy] Gnome reached 45% done; and a OO.o question

Hi Telsa

On Saturday 07 June 2003 6:18 pm, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> Just a quick note.

And a cheering one too.  I've been rosegardening and cvs-ing over the last 
couple of days, so sorry for the slow response.

The picture is now very enouraging, and I want to redo the front page of 
KGyfieithu to focus more on this.  In summary, if we count translated and 
fuzzies as "done" in some form, Gnome is now at 12% of its "production" total 
of 50,500 
(, and 
KDE is at 7% of its "production" total of 57,400 
(  I am getting one or two 
isolated queries from people, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a print  
article in the next 2 months.

> The translations are mostly in what's called the 'HEAD' of
> Gnome CVS: the main trunk used for development. This means
> that 2.4 will come out with translations. And we can merge
> the translations back into the 2-2 branch. This is the bit
> distros look at and update from.

This is really good news.  I'm not sure what the time-scale for 2.4 is, but it 
may be that Welsh will be "in the box" for one of the main desktops by the 
end of the year!  The kdebase package needs to be done before we can hope for 
Welsh to be "in the box" with KDE 3.2, but that is, I think, doable (see 

> Releases for Gnome 2.3 (the development series for 2.4) are
> being made already. Complete with Welsh. I saw gnome-session,
> gnome-panel and gnome-desktop come out last night. I think
> gnome-applets is on its way now.

Excellent.  As part of the redo of the front page, can I work your comments 
into a news item on Gnome progress (and send me more info if you want)?  And 
can anyone who has bits of Gnome running in Welsh remember to send me 
screenshots - these are really important in getting people's attention.

You mentioned on 21 May that we could do with updating the files on 
KGyfieithu.  Now that the completed KDE ones have been committed, and a 
decent time has passed since the Urdd Eisteddfod, I'm going to take them down 
and replace them.  What do people want to do with the Gnome ones?  Replace 
them all?  Remove only the completed ones?  And which ones should be added 
(if you still want to go this way instead of working individually on po 
files)?  It would probably be best to give me a new checkout of any po files 
you do want to add, to ensure they are as recent as possible.

Given that we now plainly have a Welsh interface running on at least parts of 
the desktop, I'm going (in true politician style) to declare victory on 
KG/100, and roll the new files into a new sub-project called Basecamp/ 
Gwersyll Cyntaf or something (mainly because the focus on KDE needs to be on 
kdebase now!).  So can any new Gnome files be chosen with that in mind - ie 
files that would fill in a particular gap in a corner of Gnome?  I'm going to 
try to keep the total number of strings onsite to around 5,000 for each 
desktop for this sub-project, with an ideal file-length of c.100-400 strings, 
so again, consider that.

The aim is still to have a demonstrable desktop by the Eisteddfod, but I think 
we can now extend this to a desktop running a variety of apps in Welsh.

> In the meantime, is anyone going to the Guadec conference
> in Dublin? 

I might brave Stena on 18 June, if I can.  If so, I'll see you there!

> Incidentally, how is OpenOffice progressing? I know very
> little about OpenOffice, but a couple of people have asked
> about a Welsh OpenOffice specifically.

Indeed.  Can Dewi or Rhoslyn provide enlightenment?

Best wishes


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