[gnome-cy] Point of procedure: "fuzzy"

There's been a few arguments over what a "fuzzy" should be used for.
After some heated debating on the IRC channel, the agreement seemed to be
that we need one label for "This is not necessarily right, but it's good
enough to go out" and one for "I'm really not sure about this, someone
needs to have a look".  Thus, anything that's understandable can go out,
and anything that's not particularly certain is correctly identified as so
by the automatic tools.

Suggestion being roughly as follows:

* "fuzzy" is currently used by stuff such as msgmerge when it's guessing
at a string that is likely to have changed by a mere space, or maybe more.
I suggest that it's also used for the "I'm not entirely certain" entries,
along with a comment telling everyone else what they've based the
translation on, or something else relevant.

* Something Else(TM), possibly "i'w gwirio" for stuff which is not 100%
certain and could be better, but is at least understandable and good
enough for release.  These entries not being marked as fuzzy.

* Possibly a third tag - "bug-bait" for stuff for which we are not 100%
certain, but we can not genuinely find a better translation.  The idea
being that if someone doesn't like it, they file it as a bug.  For use in
exceedingly grey areas only.

Evidently, it is by no means exhaustive or concrete.  Also, much is left
to the judgement of the translator in this system.  More suggestions are
welcome and also possibly required.

Diolch o flaenllaw.

|/  Chris M. Jackson
C>  Be seeing you!

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