[gnome-cy] Gnome reached 45% done; and a OO.o question

Just a quick note. 

Thank you to everyone who has been
	* contributing to "which word for which concept" threads here
	* answering my questions in person
	* translating via Kyfieithu
	* translating via po-files from the Gnome site
	* translating anything (not just Gnome), before you
think this was all Gnome-related. It's not meant to be like
that. It's just that I know more about it. 

I don't know how the KDE stuff is shaping up, but of the two
groups of modules in Gnome we are starting with (there's more:
there's always more..), we have now reached 45% complete. Of
that, the developer-libs is over 90% done, and strings from
there show up all over the Gnome desktop. They're also the
hardest to translate, so that's a big chunk of horrible work
out of the way. 

The translations are mostly in what's called the 'HEAD' of
Gnome CVS: the main trunk used for development. This means
that 2.4 will come out with translations. And we can merge
the translations back into the 2-2 branch. This is the bit
distros look at and update from. 

Releases for Gnome 2.3 (the development series for 2.4) are
being made already. Complete with Welsh. I saw gnome-session, 
gnome-panel and gnome-desktop come out last night. I think 
gnome-applets is on its way now. 

In the meantime, is anyone going to the Guadec conference
in Dublin? If so, there are various internationalisation,
localisation, and translation sessions of interest there.
I shall probably be writing at least one of those up. People
who want to know what other teams do about any issues: 
whether to translate debugging strings; what to do when you
find something that can't be translated; tips and tricks
for organising things -- say so and I'll try to get some
answers from there.

Incidentally, how is OpenOffice progressing? I know very
little about OpenOffice, but a couple of people have asked
about a Welsh OpenOffice specifically. 

(And yes, I shall manage a message in Welsh one of these
days. Really.) 


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