Re: [gnome-cy] Gnome reached 45% done; and a OO.o question

On Sat, 7 Jun 2003, Telsa Gwynne wrote:

> Just a quick note. 

That, of course, depends on your definition of "quick" 8)

> Thank you to everyone who has been ...

You're welcome.  Sorry for not leaving before such an ungodly hour (Telsa
knows what I mean :)

> I don't know how the KDE stuff is shaping up, but of the two
> groups of modules in Gnome we are starting with (there's more:
> there's always more..), we have now reached 45% complete. Of
> that, the developer-libs is over 90% done, and strings from
> there show up all over the Gnome desktop. They're also the
> hardest to translate, so that's a big chunk of horrible work
> out of the way. 

Yay us!  The last file in developer-libs (GConf) is a nasty one.  I think
it's taken several of us to get through that one.

> In the meantime, is anyone going to the Guadec conference
> in Dublin? If so, there are various internationalisation,
> localisation, and translation sessions of interest there.

I'm well and truly broke.  However, if you have a big enough suitcase ...

> (And yes, I shall manage a message in Welsh one of these
> days. Really.) 

Dere 'mlaen 'te!

Just so you know, I'll be online only occasionally, and I still haven't

|/  Chris M. Jackson
C>  Be seeing you!

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