Re: [gnome-cy] Gnome reached 45% done; and a OO.o question

>> Incidentally, how is OpenOffice progressing? I know very
>> little about OpenOffice, but a couple of people have asked
>> about a Welsh OpenOffice specifically.
>Indeed.  Can Dewi or Rhoslyn provide enlightenment?
Thanks to Rhoslyn and David Chan (who cracked the OOo build process for Welsh) there's a screen shot of a draft Welsh OpenOffice at Meddal website:

It's only available on Linux at the moment. We need to crack the build process for Windows by the time Rhoslyn's finished translating all the po files. 

Canolfan Bedwyr is working on a Welsh ispell+MySpell checker for OpenOffice as well. Pending some issues in IssueZilla it should be ready for OOo 1.1.

I've been preparing a Welsh Mozilla release ready for the Eisteddfod based on 1.4 release candidates with some significant fixes to the language pack and some nice extras thrown in. Might be some time to have Welsh Mozilla Firebird Browser v0.6 also ready. Stay tuned.

Great news about the progress in Gnome! Daliwch ati!


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