Re: [gnome-cy] Basecamp complete

On Sad, 2003-07-12 at 10:07, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> I'm trying to distinguish between what is needed to get Gnome/KDE "in the box" 
> (what I'm calling "essential"), and the desktop as a whole.  The former may 
> be more important to developer-types, but the latter is actually more 
> important to user-types.  It's also important not to give the impression that 
> we have the thing done and dusted - even if it goes in the box, there is 
> still a lot of work to be done before we can say that there is a full Welsh 
> desktop available under either system - and we need to keep people aware of 
> that.  Hence the sub-project idea, so that we can report milestones without 
> obscuring the larger task.

As far as I can tell from looking at the stats for desktop app usage,
the commonly used stuff remaining is:

	Mail client
	Web browser
	IM Client (!)
	Office Suite (assuming Abiword isnt regard as good enough)

> I set up Basecamp? :-), it may be better to leave pim for a while, and, as 

Gnome users basically run evolution as pim. Red Hat for example doesn't
even ship gnome-pim (sorry Owain ;))

> Good.  I'll have to see if these rpms run on SuSE - will there be any 
> BlueCurve oddities which might prevent that?  There is of course the SuSE use 
> of /opt, but I suppose I could rebuild the rpms to cope with that.  

BlueCurve is a theme nothing more. What you probably want to do is pull
the -cy patch from each of the SRPM packages I generated add it to the
SuSE SRPM spec file, bump the version from 1 to 1cy1 1cy2 etc if we want
to keep a convention then build it

> OK - though see above.  I will split it into 8 or 9 files onsite, though, and 
> cat them when complete.  A 5,000 string file is too morale-sucking (kdelibs 
> was only 3,400, and I hated that by the end of it).

Evolution is pretty well chunked up so its possible to pull out
calendaring from the mailer quite easily for example

> catching on!), who is actually a 12-year-old in my son's class.  To me, this 
> points up the need to pursue a reasonably integrated approach to all this 
> stuff if we want actual results that people can end up using.

Very cool.

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