Re: [gnome-cy] ACCAC: open-sourcing Y Termiadur

(1) sound good to me


On Sat, 2003-07-12 at 14:51, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> On 2 May, following up some points Telsa had raised about the status of the 
> words in Y Temiadur, and after the request not to link to 
>, I wrote to ACCAC asking them:
> (a) to confirm that we had a right to use the Termiadur words;
> (b) to consider open-sourcing Termiadur.
> I have now received a reply from ACCAC, which in relation to (a) confirms, as 
> expected, that anybody has a right to use the terms without ACCAC's 
> permission, but not to reproduce the volume or the title.
> In relation to (b), ACCAC takes the line that the terms are available free 
> from, or available to buy on CD from Canolfan Bedwyr, 
> and therefore that ACCAC sees no justification for releasing the material.
> Pace whatever views I might have, based on previous lives, that this shows yet 
> again that the public sector is the voluntary sector's mortal enemy, the main 
> question is to decide now whether and how to pursue this.  
> On (b), I have a couple of difficulties:
> - has had a MS VBScript problem (...) for at least two 
> months now, and is actually not available;
> - when I linked to it, I was asked to remove the link, on the basis that this 
> was a "private" resource (I don't know when this changed, if it has), which 
> was why I wrote Omnivore;
> - even if melin were a completely free resource, it is purely web-based, and 
> cannot therefore be used for non-web purposes, eg packaged as a free 
> dictionary rpm;
> - the CD, apart from costing money, is presumably subject to some sort of 
> copyright too, although (part of) the contents may come under (a) above;
> - the melin address has not exactly been widely publicised;
> - I am reluctant, as a taxpayer, to have to pay twice for the same thing - 
> once to have it made, and once (or more?) to access it.
> The two main options are: (1) to pursue this further, making the above points, 
> and bring in some of our public representatives like AMs/MPs (which has the 
> side-benefit of raising awareness about free software in general); (2) 
> sidestep this by starting some sort of Free Welsh Dictionary project, along 
> the lines of dmoz and the Open Encyclopaedia
> Any views would be welcome.
> Kevin
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