Re: [gnome-cy] Basecamp complete

On Dydd Sul 13 Gorfennaf 2003 9:54 yb, Alan Cox wrote:
> As far as I can tell from looking at the stats for desktop app usage,
> the commonly used stuff remaining is:
> 	Mail client
> 	Web browser
> 	IM Client (!)
> 	Office Suite (assuming Abiword isnt regard as good enough)
> Evolution is pretty well chunked up so its possible to pull out
> calendaring from the mailer quite easily for example

Fine.  I tend to think that it would in fact be better to try to get Gnome 
essentials sorted first, but if doing that in the available time is not 
viable, then Evo it is.

We need to decide by the beginning of this week, so that files can begin to go 

Best wishes


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