Re: [gnome-cy] Basecamp complete

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 09:14:29PM +0100 or thereabouts, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> Thanks largely to a great contrib from Owain Green, Basecamp has been 
> completed in only 24 days.  This compares to 98 days for KG/100, which had 
> only a couple of thousand more strings.  The total amount translated should 
> now be around 18-19% for both desktops.

Good heavens. 

Actually, back-porting all the stuff in Gnome to the current stable
branch, which is of course smaller than the current devel branch, 
gives us 47%. At 50% Welsh becomes "partially supported" and at 90%
(gulp) it is fully supported.

> The Gnome files have been sent to Telsa for processing, and the KDE ones have 
> been committed to the KDE tree, and should show up in the stats tomorrow 
> morning.

The Gnome ones will arrive over the next few days. It would be lovely
if we could have the names of the major contributors to them, so 
people see their names in lights, so to speak. 

This is fabulous. gnome-control-centre is a monster :) Alan is 
building rpms and Dafydd and I are hammering Gnome CVS.

There was -some- overlap, but far less than I would have expected.

> The next sub-project will likely be something pim-related, so if the Gnome 
> team wants to send some files in that area, please go ahead.  As with 
> Basecamp, the total limit should be around 5000 strings, to keep things 
> manageable.  

Well. What about Evolution? 6000 strings in the whole thing, but
we should be able to get that down to 5000 because Alan's automated
"llenwi bylchau" scripts did about 20% of evolution last time.
Obviously they will need checking, but they would be a start.
And Evolution has all the PIM stuff. It talks to Palms, it works
out timezones for those international jet-setters, it has a
contact database and so on. (And apparently it comes with an 
email client too :))

Diolch i ti am dy waith gyda kyfiethu, am i bawb sydd wedi
cyflannu. (Pwy yw'r bobl yma? Dweda 'diolch' iddyn nhw.)

(There, can I stay on the list now? :)) 


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