Re: [gnome-cy] Kartouche (a possible translation aid) - request for feedback


On Saturday 22 February 2003 10:40 pm, Alan Cox wrote:
> The K/C comment is interesting, I'd been thinking the site needed a
> gyfiethu URL as well if we load both gnome and kde into it, with
> a different logo but otherwise the same 8)

I sent an email to Telsa about this :-)  

You could replace the current logo with something like the attached (or 
better, if someone has more artistic skills). 

> This makes me realise something obvious that I didnt think about. One
> answer from a successful campaign should be bodies actually offering
> money - Cyfiethu needs to have some way to funnel that to professional
> translators working in this area.

I have been wondering about the New Opportunities Fund, but there would really 
need to be some sort of body that applies - I don't think an individual 
application would have much chance of success.

IMHO, there are also longer-term problems if localisation is seen as purely 
"professional" territory, and I think an applicaiton would need to major on 
the "inclusive" aspects to be successful.

Perhaps this is another agenda item for a translation summit.

> I can provide computing resources, I can provide technical stuff, I can
> provide somewhere for people to meet and work on stuff if need be. The one
> thing I can't do is the most critical part of all 8(

Well, without your other contributions, we might all of us have far less to 
translate :-)


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