Re: [gnome-cy] Kartouche (a possible translation aid) - request for feedback

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 17:56, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
> This sounds like a good idea, see also  Dewi Jones's MTT/L10nzilla 
> translator for Mozilla/Gwe-lywiwr.
> Please note that there are other programs as well: Gtranslator and 
> poEdit  - poEdit certaily opened the cy-po file.

The web has this wonderful advantage that people think its "easy" while
programs are "hard". I know non computing people who would probably
look at cyfiethu without running screaming 8)

The K/C comment is interesting, I'd been thinking the site needed a 
gyfiethu URL as well if we load both gnome and kde into it, with
a different logo but otherwise the same 8)

Does KDE have an artist who can do the distinctive KDE K background into
a C ?

> Excellent,  see also and where there 
> are programs that have been translated and are available - Mozilla, 
> Netscape, Abiword, K-meleon, Opera, Linux-Mandrake, Winamp, CDex, 
> LeechGet, IZArc. OpenOffice is in the process of being translated.. 
>  Please give them attention...

This makes me realise something obvious that I didnt think about. One
answer from a successful campaign should be bodies actually offering
money - Cyfiethu needs to have some way to funnel that to professional
translators working in this area.

> >but using this approach opens the possibility of preparing filters for other 
> >free/open-source apps, and leveraging existing translations/translators into 
> >those - this might be especially important in the struggle to keep 
> >translations in sync with new versions of the software.

With my Red Hat on what I need to roll regular rpms adding Welsh
translations is a predictable way to grab the '.po set of the day'. If
thats something that can be organised then I can possibly even start
autobuilding them.

Whether I can get Welsh into official Red Hat I don't know. We ship
Icelandic which is 300,000 users so I can take up the large stick of
clue installation if not.

> What gets me upset is talk and no action, and KDE has been a classic 
> example of this. Creating a useful tool will not create a translation of 
> KDE... Most of the terms for translating software into Welsh are already 
> available in Cysgair and Y Termiadur Ysgol, others (the minority) are

"You will need at least a 486 processor running on Windows 3.1x or
Windows 95/98/NT" and you have to pay for it. So it can't be used as a
guide automatically, it can't easily be referenced and its actually
not a help. Even if it wasn't a windows app the problem is real.

> available from the Gwelywiwr site, or as .po files from the Linux 
> Mandrake web site. Translation tools are available Kbabel, Gtranslator 
> and poEdit and open source software producers are more than pleased to 
> add another language to their programs. My request to people is, please 
> _get on with i_t and stop messing about. If you prefer messing, please 
> allow others to see that there is work to be done - the Welsh language 
> cannot wait...

I can build packages. I can beat code into order that makes assumptions that
are not valid. I can invent entire new ways of handling mutations without
changing the app itself. Unfortuantely its going to be several years before
I can actually translate stuff sanely, if ever.

I can provide computing resources, I can provide technical stuff, I can 
provide somewhere for people to meet and work on stuff if need be. The one
thing I can't do is the most critical part of all 8(

And I know it can be done. I've me the Norweigan Gnome translation team, all of 


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