Re: [gnome-cy] Kartouche (a possible translation aid) - request for feedback

On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 10:40:02PM +0000 or thereabouts, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 17:56, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
> The K/C comment is interesting, I'd been thinking the site needed a 
> gyfiethu URL as well if we load both gnome and kde into it, with

So register it :) 

> a different logo but otherwise the same 8)
> Does KDE have an artist who can do the distinctive KDE K background into
> a C ?

Kevin sent me a pretty picture of both K/G and logos in private email, 
and it looks good to me. Although I cannot say my Gnome foot of purity
is so flat that it will refuse to walk me to a site which doesn't 
happen to have a word with a g at the start. 

> > Excellent,  see also and where there 
> > are programs that have been translated and are available - Mozilla, 
> > Netscape, Abiword, K-meleon, Opera, Linux-Mandrake, Winamp, CDex, 
> > LeechGet, IZArc. OpenOffice is in the process of being translated.. 
> >  Please give them attention...

I think these are also linked off Gareth's site, which is the
site mentioned in the mailing list info page. 

Rhoslyn, if you are (or know) the Opera translator, you might be 
interested to know that a guy down at Ty Tawe, which is a sort of 
Welsh resource centre here, recommends Opera to everyone for one 
reason: it speaks Welsh :) 

> This makes me realise something obvious that I didnt think about. One
> answer from a successful campaign should be bodies actually offering
> money - Cyfiethu needs to have some way to funnel that to professional
> translators working in this area.

Someone at the local LUG was supposed to be helping with a grant
application. Must remember to pester him. 

> > What gets me upset is talk and no action, and KDE has been a classic 
> > example of this. Creating a useful tool will not create a translation of 
> > KDE... Most of the terms for translating software into Welsh are already 
> > available in Cysgair and Y Termiadur Ysgol, others (the minority) are

Can we actually just lift them straight from those? I wasn't sure
about legalities and copyrights and stuff there. Also, we don't
have it :) 
As for no action, I too am incompetent to actually say "this should
be translated like this".

Chatting at the LUG, we thought of several people who would cheerfully
translate words who would not at all want to install Linux, install
the cvs package, grab the po files, go through them with a text
editor, and upload them to somewhere else, but who would be happy
to look at a list from a web page. I think it might get more people.
However, you are one of the names I see everywhere when I look for
Welsh translations, and if you've already been down this road and
found that actually, it doesn't help as much as we thought/hoped,
then fair enough. 

But I (and Alan, and Gareth, and perhaps others here?) can whack
things straight into Gnome CVS as they are done, whether they're
complete or not. Just send 'em. They will go in.


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