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I doubt very much Microsoft will bring out a Welsh version of Windows XP.

The Windows 2000 in Welsh thing seemed to be just filenames translated. 

But maybe they'll do something for Longhorn. I think after people learn of the level of support for Welsh in open source software there'll be pressure or expectations for Longhorn to have similar support. But personally I'm not going pile on any direct pressure for a Welsh Windows. Besides, as happened in the Basque country and Catalonia, Microsoft might want millions of pounds to do it. 

Something clicked with me yesterday whilst playing with a new Red Hat installation that brought home to me how much more developed Linux is in it's support of L10N/I18N. At the login screen you can choose which language you want for your Gnome/KDE session. In XP you're stuck with English (or Finnish as is the case on my girlfriend's laptop) That's why Microsoft couldn't make a Welsh XP - it'd be Welsh only. 

Linux has one hell of a lead here and if the progress of Welsh Gnome/KDE continues over the next few months, Linux will be the 'first to market' completely Welsh desktop. Plus Welsh OpenOffice also gives a further edge to Linux. A Welsh MS Office would be a totally different proposition for Microsoft. 


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On Dydd Sadwrn 16 Awst 2003 10:59 yp, Alan Cox wrote:
> And most vendors don't supply Windows in Welsh. A few of the smarter
> ones have it on their list of "things the customer can ask for but we
> never prompt about".  Maybe its time for the militant end of the Welsh
> language lobby to start asking vendors pointed questions 8)

Wait a minute - so there actually IS a version of Windows in Welsh?  I knew 
one was being worked on about 4 years ago, but I wasn't aware that it had 
come to fruition.  If it has, we can't say that the Linux desktop is the 
first ever Welsh desktop.  I don't want to be accused of misrepresentation 
:-)  Any further info would be welcome.

Best wishes


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