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On Dydd Gwener 15 Awst 2003 10:21 yb, Gareth Bowker wrote:
> To get money from the Lottery, we don't need to be a charitable body, we
> only need to be using the money for charitable purposes. 

Indeed.  But on past experience I think the chances of a favourable response 
are low unless there is some sort of formal structure, rather than just a 
group of mates.  For instance, AFAW says you need a constitution.

> Things have
> changed a little since I last applied for lottery funding - there seem
> to be far more bodies now, but the most promising seems to be Awards for
> All Wales, who give grants of
> between £500 and £5000. They even say that they'll give an answer pretty
> quickly (far better than the 4-6 months they were stating last time!)

Yes - the only thing is that they seem to be aimed at local projects, whereas 
we would be nationwide.  Illtud's NOF reference is also good, although we may 
need to be creative on getting ourselves fitted into one of their categories 
- Education is the closest.

The time involved in getting a bid together is not trivial, but having a 
reasonably clear idea of what sort of body and what aims we have in mind 
would be a good start.


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