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On Dydd Gwener 15 Awst 2003 10:05 yb, Illtud Daniel wrote:
> [re Cy-noppix & funding]


> The Knoppix idea is an obvious way to get the software out to
> people, but I'm wondering - have you considered approaching
> Golwg (welsh 'lite' weekly magazine, circulation ~12,000 - or
> that might be readership. See and getting them
> to distribute the disk? I'm unsure as to the costs of pressing
> 12k CDs, but I'm sure that getting Golwg to do the circulation
> would work, and possibly sponsorship/funding could be found for
> the pressing costs.

Funny you should mention Golwg ...  This is certainly one option, but 12,000 
copies is a lot more than 3,000, and that brings us back to the need for 
funding.  I honestly don't know about the benefits of this as opposed to (eg) 
sending copies direct to schools, etc. 

> I'm sure something like 'wedi 7' or any of the programmes on
> digital S4C would jump at the chance of doing a feature (they
> tend to be rather desperate for items).



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