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On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Kevin Donnelly wrote:

> I mentioned in the other post trying to get an element of forward planning 
> into publicity efforts.  I've also been thinking about the earlier idea of 
> doing a Welsh Knoppix thing.  Ideally, we need to do a fair number of these, 
> and that, among other things, will mean costs for CD blanks, copying-time, 
> bagging-time, and postage.  I would see this as a stepping-stone thing, with 
> people using this as a taster for moving on to RH, MDK, SuSE, whatever.

Actually creating a Knoppix-alike isn't particularly difficult to achieve
with the right system.  A good deal of the live-CD thingies tend to be
Debian-based, since it's a matter of debbootstrap, chroot, and masses of
apt-getting.  The hard part is:

1. Putting the config together
2. Ensuring the stuff we need is tranlsated
3. Actually finding the necessary .debs to do it (ISTR that gnome-2.2
wasn't immediately available via apt-get, and the latest Debian stables
still use 1.4 or 2.0 - ICBW)
4. Running off the 10k+ copies.

> Perhaps at some time in the next two months we might have an exchange on this, 
> either by email, IRC or (if Dewi can swing it ...?) a North-South 
> video-conference.  There is a fair bit of gruntwork involved in moving in 
> this direction, and it might take 12 months to start bearing fruit, but it 
> seems to me worth considering.

Maybe a get-together in Rhayader or Llandrindod - those are pretty much
dead-centre of Wales, and doesn't really rule anyone out (since we'd all
have a long journey :)

|/  Chris M. Jackson
C>  Be seeing you!

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