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Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> On Dydd Gwener 15 Awst 2003 10:05 yb, Illtud Daniel wrote:
> > [re Cy-noppix & funding]
> Cymrix

Sorry, I wasn't on the list when this was last discussed, so
that was off the top of my head.

> Funny you should mention Golwg ...  This is certainly one option, but 12,000
> copies is a lot more than 3,000, and that brings us back to the need for
> funding.  I honestly don't know about the benefits of this as opposed to (eg)
> sending copies direct to schools, etc.

Cos Golwg is where you get a targeted distribution direct to users.
Schools get all kinds of crap in the mail all the time, and I'm
guessing that very few teachers would read something unsolicited,
or whether it would even *get* to the person at school who should
be looking at it.

You'd be hard pushed to find a Welsh-speaking teacher that doesn't
see Golwg, though. You'd also get the CDs onto supermarket and
shop shelves all over Wales, and the distribution channel would be
handled for you.

Golwg, on the other hand, will also reach the 'crachach', the
decision-makers, the funding bodies, the people who can Make a
Difference. I'm unsure as to whether the 12k is a readership or
a circulation figure - the website's rather ambigious on this.'s just an idea, but it seems the easiest one to me. Funding
would be required one way or another, and TBH, an application for
£4k (my guesstimate of 12k CDs) is no less likely to fail than
one for £1.5k (3k CDs + postage). (if it were similar to my
funding applications, the higher one is *more* likely to win)

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