Re: [gnome-cy] Wha'ppen?

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 10:08:27PM +0100, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> ...
> spin after the immediate Eisteddfod impact has died down.  Can I therefore 
> raise again the idea of having some sort of press release timetable?

Okay, let's make an announcement now and pencil in another announcement
for when 2.4 is released (9th September).

> > > Any word on when will be live?
> >
> > Nope. :)
> Hmmm.  By the way, I have pressed your little logo into service on the 
> above-mentioned media foray - I hope you don't mind (I did credit you).

No, go for it!

Cymru Ar Linux has not received attention recently because I have been
concentrating on translation.

> > Bryn is working on nautilus, I'm working on gnopernicus and gucharmap.
> > Somebody was working on gnomemeeting, but I forget who. Either Griff or
> > Keith, I think. As far as I know, nobody was working on gdm2. gdm2 is
> > the one I am most concerned about. I tried having a look at gdm2
> > today, but has some problems - kyfieithu gave me a "Did you make a
> > mistake?" page. As far as I know, nobody has been working on
> > gnomemeeting recently, which is a bit of a worry.
> Most interesting.  It didn't like the "2" in "gdm2".  Rather than spend time 
> figuring out why this is, i just renamed it "gdm_two", and it shows OK now.  
> So get on with it, lad!  By the way, do you have a full name for this Griff 
> chap (or chapess?) - I don't know who he/she/it and "jr" are, and I was in 
> fact considering putting an ad on the front page asking them to contact me 
> with their full names.

Griff is Steve Griff.

> > Apart from gdm2 and gnomemeeting, I am feeling quite optimistic. Bryn
> > seems to be doing upwards of 5% a day on nautilus, and I am making progress
> > on gucharmap and gnopernicus.
> Good.  I'll try labouring through gnomemeeting, if you like, and if there are 
> no other takers.

Steve has since told me that he was working on gnomemeeting, but has not
had the opportunity to do anything with it recently. Of course, there's
GDM needing doing...

> > Time is quite short now. The beta would have been out yesterday, only I
> > understand there were some problems with the FTP server. Release
> > candidate 1 tarballs are due for the 25th, and it would be nice to have
> > everything done for that.
> For goodness' sake, man - that's light-year's away!

I am worried that maintainers will make tarballs early which won't
contain Welsh translations. Perhaps I am worrying too much, but "better
safe than sorry" is my guiding principle here.


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