[gnome-cy] Wha'ppen?

Hi all

Just back, and catching up on things.

Thanks for the Moz 1.4 po file, Dewi - I'll take the old Moz entries out of 
Omnivore and add these ones when i get a chance.

Any feedback from anyone on how the Eisteddfod, and Rhoslyn's/Dewi's launches, 

Dafydd et al have obviously been busy, since Gnome is now at 34% done.  Since 
it is now at 83% on the essential files, and KDE is at 100% on its essentials 
(it only took them three weeks to fix the hard drive ...), we can presumably 
say that Welsh will definitely be in the box on the new releases.  Is this 
worth trying to do a press release about?

Any word on when cymruarlinux.org.uk will be live?

Best wishes


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