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On Dydd Iau 14 Awst 2003 7:48 yp, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> It was good to meet each other face to face, brief though it was. I
> don't know whow CB's display was for the week in general, but the
> impression I got was that there was a fair amount of interest. I really
> appreciate the fact that their work was raising awareness of
> a) you can use computers in Welsh
> b) there are alternatives for Office for your Windows machine
> c) you don't have to run Windows at all

Indeed - good work; it needs more exposure.

> This is definitely a pleasing accomplishment. However! We are still
> hoping to get 100% of essential done for 2.4. So either:
> - we do complete essential and we do a press release now and a press
>   release then
> - we do complete essential and only do a press release for that
> - we dont't complete essential and we only do a press release that we're
>   supported
> In short, we wait or do one now and maybe do one later too.

I think the distinction will be lost on most people - there is an AWESOME 
amount of education to do, far more than I thought a month ago.  I would 
therefore prefer some sort of press release asap.  However, if it is true 
that you hope to get 100% done by end-August (your comment below), then it 
might as well wait until then.

The reason I would like to consider this is that I think we need to operate on 
the "dripping water" principle - it will take a goodly number of press 
releases before the penny finally drops with people, and being "officially 
supported" is a pretty good peg to hang one on.  I've been putting a fair bit 
of effort into trying to get some exposure for KGyfieithu and free software 
in the Welsh-language media (thanks to Owain for checking my treigliadau!), 
and I have some hopes in that direction.  Although the coverage may be 
partial and pretty basic to begin with, we can build on it.  (Dewi's report 
of contact with Y Lolfa is also encouraging.)  I've also been asked to be the 
guest speaker at the Cymdeithas Feddygol Cymru conference in November, so 
I'll be banging the drum again there.  I also wonder about doing another 
press release about Rhoslyn or Dewi's stuff in ?October, to give it another 
spin after the immediate Eisteddfod impact has died down.  Can I therefore 
raise again the idea of having some sort of press release timetable?

Dewi's report of demos to P Hain is good, and Telsa's idea (as I interpret it) 
of trying to persuade Powys CC to do some sort of pilot project on this would 
be even better.  And whoever the somebody from next year's Eisteddfod was 
that Dewi mentioned needs to be grabbed in a vice-like grip - do we have a 
name, and can we consider some sort of follow-up contact?  A "formal" 
presence next year would be great.

> > Any word on when will be live?
> Nope. :)

Hmmm.  By the way, I have pressed your little logo into service on the 
above-mentioned media foray - I hope you don't mind (I did credit you).

> Bryn is working on nautilus, I'm working on gnopernicus and gucharmap.
> Somebody was working on gnomemeeting, but I forget who. Either Griff or
> Keith, I think. As far as I know, nobody was working on gdm2. gdm2 is
> the one I am most concerned about. I tried having a look at gdm2
> today, but has some problems - kyfieithu gave me a "Did you make a
> mistake?" page. As far as I know, nobody has been working on
> gnomemeeting recently, which is a bit of a worry.

Most interesting.  It didn't like the "2" in "gdm2".  Rather than spend time 
figuring out why this is, i just renamed it "gdm_two", and it shows OK now.  
So get on with it, lad!  By the way, do you have a full name for this Griff 
chap (or chapess?) - I don't know who he/she/it and "jr" are, and I was in 
fact considering putting an ad on the front page asking them to contact me 
with their full names.

> Apart from gdm2 and gnomemeeting, I am feeling quite optimistic. Bryn
> seems to be doing upwards of 5% a day on nautilus, and I am making progress
> on gucharmap and gnopernicus.

Good.  I'll try labouring through gnomemeeting, if you like, and if there are 
no other takers.

> Time is quite short now. The beta would have been out yesterday, only I
> understand there were some problems with the FTP server. Release
> candidate 1 tarballs are due for the 25th, and it would be nice to have
> everything done for that.

For goodness' sake, man - that's light-year's away!

Best wishes


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