Re: [gnome-cy] Wha'ppen?

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 12:17:02PM +0100, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> Hi all
> Just back, and catching up on things.
> Thanks for the Moz 1.4 po file, Dewi - I'll take the old Moz entries out of 
> Omnivore and add these ones when i get a chance.
> Any feedback from anyone on how the Eisteddfod, and Rhoslyn's/Dewi's launches, 
> went?

It was good to meet each other face to face, brief though it was. I
don't know whow CB's display was for the week in general, but the
impression I got was that there was a fair amount of interest. I really
appreciate the fact that their work was raising awareness of

a) you can use computers in Welsh
b) there are alternatives for Office for your Windows machine
c) you don't have to run Windows at all

and that you can even have all three together: Welsh office suites on
non-Microsoft operating systems. At the same time, OpenOffice on Windows
is a good thin-end-of-a-wedge for prising people away from the "Office
in English on Windows" mindset.

> Dafydd et al have obviously been busy, since Gnome is now at 34% done.  Since 
> it is now at 83% on the essential files, and KDE is at 100% on its essentials 
> (it only took them three weeks to fix the hard drive ...), we can presumably 
> say that Welsh will definitely be in the box on the new releases.  Is this 
> worth trying to do a press release about?

This is definitely a pleasing accomplishment. However! We are still
hoping to get 100% of essential done for 2.4. So either:

- we do complete essential and we do a press release now and a press
  release then
- we do complete essential and only do a press release for that
- we dont't complete essential and we only do a press release that we're

In short, we wait or do one now and maybe do one later too.

> Any word on when will be live?

Nope. :)

So, what have we got left to finish?

gdm2		582 strings
gnomemeeting	261 strings
gnopernicus	293 strings
gucharmap	 85 strings
nautilus	280 strings

Bryn is working on nautilus, I'm working on gnopernicus and gucharmap.
Somebody was working on gnomemeeting, but I forget who. Either Griff or
Keith, I think. As far as I know, nobody was working on gdm2. gdm2 is
the one I am most concerned about. I tried having a look at gdm2
today, but has some problems - kyfieithu gave me a "Did you make a
mistake?" page. As far as I know, nobody has been working on
gnomemeeting recently, which is a bit of a worry.

Apart from gdm2 and gnomemeeting, I am feeling quite optimistic. Bryn
seems to be doing upwards of 5% a day on nautilus, and I am making progress
on gucharmap and gnopernicus.

Time is quite short now. The beta would have been out yesterday, only I
understand there were some problems with the FTP server. Release
candidate 1 tarballs are due for the 25th, and it would be nice to have
everything done for that.


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