Re: Conceptual questions

On 2 July 2010 15:21, Florian Höch <lists+gnome-color-manager hoech org> wrote:
> Personally I'd probably label the current "softproof" intent setting as
> "print preview" or something along the line.

Yes, good idea, I've done this in git master.

> And I think adding an option for BPC would indeed be a nice touch. Rather
> than adding a checkbox or other additional control, just another intent
> "Relative with black point compensation" could be added to the dropdown
> lists.

Do we every want to do relative /without/ BPC?

> Some wild thinking: Users can already choose their preferred
> applications for different filetypes/tasks. Maybe in the future, users can
> choose the preferred calibration solution in a similar way?

Sure, GcmCalibrate is superclassed by GcmCalibrateArgll and
GcmCalibrateManual, and it would be pretty easy to make that pluggable
using GIO extension points. One for the future perhaps.


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