Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining, we now have about 25 people on the list, which is really
very cool. It was only announced to gnome-announce-list, marketing-list,
linux-aus and slug (and perhaps forwarded to other user groups). Rocking!

So, some details on so far... It's being held on both days
before the conference, and at the moment I'm planning on one day for talks,
one day for general hacking and stuff. The presentation stuff may expand to
a day and a half though, not sure. But we have time. ;-) Here's what's orged
so far (no times or anything):

  Intro - Probably me wearing a dress or something like that.

  Glynn Foster - Was planning to talk about JDS, but needs permission, so
    currently unspecified on the site.
  Keith Packard - Talking about awesome X hacks, all the kinds of things
    you've seen on FreeDesktop recently and more. Has asked for the blurb to
    be fairly general because he doesn't want to guarantee that some things
    will be finished before then. ;-) Should rock pretty hard.
  James Henstridge - Not sure yet, almost certainly something to do with
    Python, GNOME, libglade, those kinds of things. Perhaps he'll do a tute,
    I haven't nagged him enough yet.
  Havoc Pennington - Needs more nagging for a topic. I imagine he'll have
    FreeDesktop overload during the proper conference bits, but you never
  Martin Sevior - GNOME Office, Abiword, etc.
  Jeff Waugh - Dunno yet, I might just hand wave and do the intro or

  Paul Drain - I've asked if he'd like to do a Firestarter demo/talk. He's
    keen, needs to find out if he's going to be at the conf. Paul suggested
    that he and I could show off GARNOME and jhbuild as a howto for people
    interested in testing/hacking GNOME.

  Panel - Would be neat to have a panel session with the speakers, just like
    the proper conference. ;-) We can do Q&A, tell silly stories, yada yada.

  Dinner - Should we have a dinner on the first night? It will
    be hard for me to figure out a location remotely, but the
    dudes will be able to help with that.

  Hacktime - Mostly unstructured hacking time, loosely planned for the
    second day. As long as the room is there, people can come along and
    chatter and hack on things. I've found that time out from talks is
    really worthwhile at GUADEC... 'Hothouse' hacking time (might be good
    to invite kernel hackers to discuss system-deep things). It also gives people an opportunity to go to the other mini-confs if
    they want to.

Anyone have talks you'd like to do, suggestions for speakers, presentations
you'd like to see, stuff I should have thought of, random flames, etc.? Let
me know. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
  "Well, it's harder to find the ashtrays." - Tom Waits on the effects of
                         fatherhood on songwriting

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