GNOME Australia!

Hey all,

No, not a crazy-official GNOME Australia organisation or anything... it's a
new mailing list for GNOMEtastic people in Australia, for advocacy, chitchat
and event planning. Stuff like that. :-) Join up!

One of the important things that should be on every Aussie GNOME lover's
radar is one of this year's mini-confs: Already
we have:

  Glynn Foster - Irish man living in New Zealand who hacks on GNOME at Sun.
    Before his indentity crisis, you may have known him as "The Face of Sun
    Microsystems" [1].
  Keith Packard - He wears a hat like Indiana Jones, and when he's not
    cracking whip, his weapon of choice is X! Keith will be presenting his
    latest additions to the Free Desktop arsenal.
  James Henstridge - Famed Aussie hacker working on pygtk and friends. Not
    afraid of snakes, James brings the GNOME hacking love to everybody.

  Havoc Pennington - The current reincarnation of GNOME's spiritual leader.
    Kinda like the Dalai Lama, only he wears sunglasses and dresses like a
    rock star. Watch out Adelaide hotel rooms, THE TV IS HIS!

  Martin Sevior - He lives in Melbourne. He hacks on Abiword. He contributes
    to GNOME Office. He is a physicist. But despite all of these things, he
    has retained has his SANITY. Or bits of it. He is THAT STRONG.

  Jeff Waugh - Some dude who herds cats and steals dreams from small
    children. Or that's what he'd *like* you to think.

See the web page for what they'll be talking about and to keep up to date
with the crazy action! Please forward this on to your LUG list
if you feel it's appropriate. If it's not, tell me, and I can write it in
Swahili or something.


- Jeff


Come to 2004!
   "The aim of the release process is to finish software, not to develop
                         it..." - Havoc Pennington

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