New version of GGV 0.30

Hello Gnomers,

Version 0.30 of GNOME Ghostview has been released. 

Hilights from Changelog:

    * Scrollpane now works (by Tuomas J. Lukka	<>)
    * Added error handling when loading file
    * Fixed bugs and finished support for multiple windows (only
      from command line)
    * Page up (next page) and page down (prev page) reversed to mimic
      ghostview  behaviour
    * Fixed the bad bug in which GS stopped processing input after one page
      (it runs faster)
    * It now kills all windows before exiting (exit_callback),
      and it terminates all gs processes.
    * and many bug fixes.

Daniel M. German                  "And ye shall know the truth,
   John 8:32 ->                    and the truth shall make you free."


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