Re: Writing a GNOME mail client.

A couple of other points about what an ideal mail system would do:

* everything is indexed.  What look like folders are just search
	queries.  Besides queries on the message and/or headers, the messages
	can have labels attached (all your inbox is is incoming mail with
	an inbox label attached) and labels can take part in search
* it is web based; you can use it anywhere, anywhere, at least, that
	there is a web browser.

See: for details.  I use
the research prototype; it seems it is a casualty of the Compaq/Digital
merger, though it may be spun out as a start up company.

Having lived with this vision for 2 years, it is far and away the best
mail system I've ever used.  Once you've lived this way, you never want
to go back...
			- Jim Gettys

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