i386 RPMS of Gnumeric 0.24

Freshly built i386 RPMS of gnumeric 0.24 are available on my server in
ftp://anakin.cse.ogi.edu/pub/gnome/coreunstable/i386/.  I hope to have
alpha RPMS available some time tomorrow as soon as I figure out why my
poor UDB isn't booting.

It's built against a virgin install (chroot'd environment) of the latest
RHAD 1.0 RPMS, so if you have any problems that look like they're
build-related, either the 0.24 tarball is screwy, or you don't have the
correct packages installed.

If you have any other problems with the build (not gnumeric itself), let
me know. I'll try to incorporate any build patches into the tarball and
rev it appropriately, if anyone has any.


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        Quasar project - http://www.cse.ogi.edu/DISC/projects/quasar/
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