ANNOUNCE Gfax version 0.1.1

I've updated Gfax to use configure for makes.  Also available is an 
RPM for Linux glibc, i386 systems. Redhat-5.2 on Intel 
for you newbies.

Gfax is the pop up application for "printing" to a fax printer when 
sending faxes.

Hopefully the next major update will have support for SANE so you 
can scan a page and send it.

Gfax is available in source and i386 binary at

Cheers and hope the rpms work.

George Farris - VE7FRG           E-Mail :
G.M. Systems,                  Web page :
2570 Seaview Road,            Phone/Fax : (250)743-1500
Mill Bay, B.C., Canada
V0R 2P0                       We do pre-installed Linux systems.

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