Caret tracking in emacs with gnome shell magnifier


I first sent this message to the emacs help mailing list and was adivsed there to send it here, I hope it is appropriate.

Due to a visual impairment I constantly work with a screen magnifier turned on (in full screen mode), and I need it to track the caret to follow what I am typing.

So far I have been using emacs 24.5 on cygwin on windows 7, and the windows 7 magnifier does the job of tracking the caret.

I am considering switching to gnome on linux and therefore installed the manjaro-gnome distribution to try it out. The gnome (3.18) shell magnifier supports caret tracking and it works in all applications I have tried except emacs (24.5).

One solution that was given to me on the emacs help list is to launch emacs in the terminal. Then caret tracking works, but it seems that in the terminal I cannnot display images (eg view pdf files or preview latex equations), which would be a drawback for me (also I read that I cannot use the mouse and some keyboard shortcuts).

Would somebody know how to proceed or have a suggestion? I am new to linux and searched the web for answers with no success.

Best regards,


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