Survey about screen reader


As announced on Hypra newsletter, we studied the differences between typical screen readers (NVDA, JAWS) and Orca, to identify missing features. We found 50 features.

Now I wonder what 9ould be the priority in a development (in parallel to fixing bugs we identified too on MATE): what feature is the most important for you?

Hence this survey:

Sorry some items may be in French at the tool is on a French portal:
- Sondage=survey
- Oui=Yes
- Non=no
- Si nécessaire=if needed/necessary
- Nom=Name
- Enregistrer=Save

The principle: enter your name, then vote for the feature(s) you want to see developped first checking "oui" radio button, let "non" for others, or "si nécessaire" if you are in doubt. Even after saving, you can change (complete, modify) your answer.

You don't have to enter a real name.

Any comment is 9elcome, I can modify it (if mistakes in English, things to add, other points). Tell me also if you've problem with the tool :) (accessible, but a it's a table and as there're French text, useless for you, until the 1st title.



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